We are on a mission to bring extracellular matrix to the forefront to treat fibrotic diseases

By using evolutionarily optimized matrix targeting peptides, we overcome the extracellular matrix barrier to unlock the previously inaccessible multidimensional druggable space. Using a deep understanding of matrix mechanobiology and its relation to disease progression, we are developing a pipeline of conditionally targeted therapies to treat fibrosis driven diseases.


Over 15 years of interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed research, TANDEM is uniquely positioned to leverage the convergence of structural insights into protein-protein interactions, matrix mechanobiology and disease modelling to develop first-in-class therapies that treat fibrosis driven diseases.


Extracellular Matrix

Cells do not act alone! they are surrounded by a meshwork of proteins, the extracellular matrix. In homeostasis, the matrix not only provides structural integrity but also acts as a hub for various physical and biochemical interactions that take place between different cells to maintain a state of health.

Key matrix proteins like Fibronectin, Collagen and Elastin are not just structural proteins but mediate the crosstalk between cells and their microenvironment. 

Importantly, the matrix is an active contributor to cancer and fibrosis progression primarily through dynamic remodeling as a response to any changes. This critical attribute provides accessible nodes that can be targeted or modulated to change the course of the disease.


Disease Focus

About us

TANDEM Therapeutics is an incubation stage Swiss biopharmaceutical company bringing a novel precision targeting approach to fibrosis and fibrotic cancers. We advance over 15 years of transformative research and development at ETH Zürich and Paul Scherrer Institut in the field of extracellular matrix biology and the critical role it plays in the pathology of fibrotic cancers & organ fibrosis. The therapeutic platform is based on Matrix Targeting Peptides (MTP) that conditionally target disease associated matrix alterations that are known to be directly associated with several fibrotic diseases. 

Meet our team


Mamta Chabria, PhD

Mamta Chabria, PhD

Tandem Therapeutics is built on Mamta’s original discovery, while working in the laboratory of Professor Viola Vogel in the Department of Health Sciences and Technology (HEST), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich (ETHZ).

Prior to founding TANDEM Therapeutics, she worked at Hoffmann-La Roche R&D advancing 3D tissue engineering for preclinical cardiac safety. She also has a successful track record in commercial product management in Pharma and MedTech industry. Mamta has a Bachelor’s in Pharmacy and Master’s in Molecular Bioengineering from Technical University Dresden, Germany. She obtained her PhD at ETH Zürich, Switzerland and has advance certification in Pharmaceutical Market Access and Entrepreneurial Leadership in Technology Ventures.

Professor Viola Vogel

Professor Viola Vogel

Viola Vogel is a Professor of the Department of Health Science and Technology at the ETH Zürich, Switzerland. She is heading the Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology. She is core faculty member of the Wyss Translational Center Zurich and an Einstein Visiting Fellow at Berlin Institute of Health, Charité since 2017.

She has made pioneering contributions in applied mechanobiology by deciphering nanoscale mechanisms revealing how mechanical forces switch molecular and cellular functions and translating them into biomedical applications. She is Elected Member of the Leopoldina, the Berlin-​Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Science, USA and also serves on Board of several research organizations.

Martin Behe, PhD

Martin Behe, PhD

Martin Behe received his PhD in inorganic chemistry at the University of Basel. He worked at the University Hospitals in Göttingen, Marburg and Freiburg in Germany where he established a group for peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals and its production. 

Since 2011, Martin Behe leads the Pharmacology group at Paul Scherrer Institut and has been associated with Matrix Targeting peptides. He has an extensive background in peptide chemistry, peptide labelling and conjugation as well and critically contributed to development of radio-labelled compounds that are used in the clinic. 

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Join our team

Beautiful things happened when interdisciplinary teams come together to solve some of the biggest problems in human biology. In our mission to develop transformative medicines targeting extracellular matrix, we are looking for individuals who are fearless and passionate to bring new ideas forward. Our core innovation integrates matrix biology, structural simulations, and disease modelling. Reach out to learn more.

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